Websites for craft businesses

What are the advantages of a modern website for your trade business?

Showcase the quality of your products

In today's digital world, a modern website is essential for craft businesses. It not only serves as a virtual business card, but can also play a key role in attracting new customers and expanding business. A well-designed website offers many advantages, especially for medium-sized craft businesses, that go far beyond a mere online presence.

This article sheds light on how craft businesses can benefit from modern websites, from the presentation of their services to support through professional services.

Your website is a valuable sales tool

A professional website immediately conveys a serious impression and can strengthen the trust of potential customers. It shows that the company is moving with the times and focussing on modern communication channels. A good website provides detailed information about the services and products offered, which often makes the decisive difference in the competitive environment. 

In addition, a website can serve as a central source of information that is accessible around the clock. Customers can find out about offers, opening hours and contact options at any time. This not only increases accessibility, but also saves time for both sides, as many questions can be clarified in advance.

Presentation of services and references

A modern website offers a wide range of opportunities to present your own services in an appealing way. High-quality image galleries and videos can be used to impressively present completed projects and craftsmanship. 

  • Picture galleries:
    • High-quality photos of completed projects can give potential clients a visual impression of the work. Before and after pictures are particularly effective in emphasising the quality of services.
  • Videos:
    • Short videos showing work processes or completed projects can inspire trust and interest from customers. Videos offer a dynamic and appealing way to present the company's expertise.
  • Customer reviews and references:
    • Positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers increase credibility and help to gain the trust of new customers. These can be presented in text form, as a video or through star ratings.

A clear and aesthetic presentation of the work makes it easier for potential customers to decide in favour of the craft business. A well-designed website with clear and appealing content can make the difference between a visitor becoming a customer or not.

Acquiring new customers through online marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a key aspect of making the website findable for potential customers. Local SEO measures are particularly important for craft businesses, as they often operate regionally. 

  • Local SEO:
    • By specifically optimising the website for local search queries, craft businesses can ensure that they appear prominently in the search results for their region. This includes optimisation for search terms such as "carpenter in [city]" or "electrician nearby".
  • Social Media:
    • Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn offer excellent opportunities to get in touch with the target group and increase reach. Regular posts about current projects, offers and company news can strengthen customer interest and loyalty.
  • Online advertising:
    • Targeted online advertising, for example via Google Ads or social media ads, can increase the visibility of the website and directly attract new customers. Local adverts in particular can be effective in increasing awareness in the region.

These measures not only enable craft businesses to increase their reach, but also to target the right customers and generate new orders.

Sale of products via an online shop

Another advantage of a modern website is the ability to sell products directly online. An integrated shop system makes it easy to offer handcrafted products, accessories or even services. 

  • Products:
    • Customised pieces of furniture, tools or craft accessories can be sold directly to customers via the online shop. 
  • Services:
    • Services such as repairs, consultations or customised orders can also be booked via the website. A simple booking system makes it easier for customers to access the services on offer.
  • Payment methods:
    • A well-integrated shop system offers various payment methods, making transactions convenient and secure for customers.

This opens up new sources of revenue and can expand the customer base. An online shop can also help to strengthen customer loyalty by creating additional incentives to buy and increasing convenience for customers.

Lack of time and support from my all-round service

Many craft businesses have little time in their day-to-day business to devote to their public image. This is where my all-round service comes into play, covering everything from the design of the website to the complete realisation and technical and editorial support during operation. 

  • Concept:
    • Together with the craft business, a concept is developed that takes the individual needs and goals into account. This includes the structure of the website, the design and the focus of the content.
  • Realisation:
    • The technical realisation and design of the website is carried out by professional web designers and developers who ensure that the website is not only visually appealing, but also functional and user-friendly.
  • Support:
    • After completion, the all-round service offers continuous support for the website. This includes regular updates, security checks and, on request, the creation and maintenance of content to keep the website up-to-date and relevant.

This allows you to concentrate on your core business while the website is professionally managed.


A modern website is a valuable tool for medium-sized craft businesses to present themselves on the Internet and attract new customers. With my professional support, even busy businesses can benefit from the many possibilities of a well-designed online presence. Get started now and let your craft business shine digitally!