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SEO - Search engine optimisation

SEO - what do you need to do to be found quickly and rank highly on Google?

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimisation, SEO, helps you to significantly increase the visibility of your website.

Why? Google wants users to quickly find the best possible content for their search. That's why Google continuously evaluates the quality and user-friendliness of websites. And calculates a ranking for each website for each search term.

What characterises a user-friendly website? It loads quickly and is easy to use on all screen sizes. The structure of the website, the individual pages and the texts are clear and concise. The informative value of the texts is high in relation to the questions asked by Google users.

Your answers to the following questions are therefore of fundamental importance for the success of your company's web presence:

  • Who is your target group?
  • What questions does this target group have?
  • How does your website answer these questions?

You should bear in mind that the questions are constantly changing and the answers to the questions are also constantly evolving. It is therefore essential for a website that wants to be successful in the long term to check and revise its user guidance and structure to ensure they are up to date.

What SEO services do you get?

  • Based on your keywords, I create a list of search terms that are relevant to your website. The keywords should contain the questions that your target group is searching for.
  • Using the defined search terms and with the help of the Seobility and PageSpeed Insights tools, I analyse the content and structure of your website. In terms of content, this means that we optimise important structural elements such as the hierarchy of the headings (for search engines, they are practically the table of contents of the page) and the texts, headings, buttons, menus and the meaningfulness of image descriptions in a joint process.
  • The internal link structure of the website helps Google to determine the relevance of pages and their relationship to each other. It is therefore very important.
  • I also correct technical errors that cost loading time.
  • The ongoing analysis results help us to continuously improve the optimisation process.

This SEO process should be carried out over a period of at least 6 months and repeated after a break.

What do you gain from search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation will give you a higher ranking.

A high ranking means more visibility for you, more traffic to your website and therefore more potential leads for your business.

SEO optimisation is a crucial part of your success strategy as an entrepreneur.

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  • On-page analysis using the SEO tool Seobility
  • Load time analysis using Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Checking each page for the defined search terms
  • Recommendations for optimisation
  • Checking the internal linking (cross-linking)
  • Addition of internal linking
  • URL optimisation of all pages with regard to search terms
  • SEO tool used in WordPress: SeoPress Pro
  • Optional: Keyword research


  • technical
    • WordPress administration access
    • FTP access server
  • Data protection law
    • Conclusion of AV contract
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