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Attribution of author at work -
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Why does the author belong to the work?

If you use third-party content on your website, German copyright law prescribes existing rights of use and the naming of the author of the work. I will implement the correct copyright attribution for you.

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Trumpet player - Why a flying button instead of a popup? -
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A flying button instead of a pop-up - why?

Why a flying button instead of a pop-up? Non-intrusive customer acquisition on websites. Can you do it without the bangs and trumpets? Yes, please!

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Ballakrobatik - Company presentation checklist -
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Company presentation on websites - checklist

You want to fundamentally redesign your website and be successful with it. You should answer these questions about your company's image beforehand.

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Claus Pescha -
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Interview with Claus Pescha, web designer

Interview About the advantages of integrated web design Entrepreneur interview with Claus Pescha Mr Pescha, you are a web designer. What exactly do you love about your job? The freedom and creativity. I like to design and think about ...

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The choice of theme in WordPress is important -

WordPress themes - tips for your choice

Why it pays to choose the theme of a WordPress website carefully. Always favour a well-programmed, lean and fast theme - this brings significant performance benefits and saves administration costs.

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Data protection on websites -
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Data protection on websites

As a website operator, we are responsible for our website. We must therefore implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in force since 25 May 2018. What exactly do we have to do?

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Historical Typewriter
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WordPress block editor Gutenberg #1

The new WordPress block editor has now achieved extensive functionality and stability. Get to know the basics of its operation.

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Server data centre
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The right hosting - Home of your website

What is hosting? What is a domain? What do I need to consider when choosing a hosting provider? What scope of services do I need for my WordPress website? What costs are involved? - Everything you need to know.

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