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Photography for websites

Websites have an effect through their Designyour Fontswhich Graphicsthe White space and of course through Pictures.

That's why you should focus on expressive photographs for your website. Whether characteristic portraits in the studio, in production, at work, in the city, as a panorama or in detail, at a performance or in nature - together we will create the atmosphere that you want to convey on your website.

In the following I will show you some atmospherically interesting Photo shoots. Click on an image to enlarge it. You can then move forwards and backwards using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

by Claus Pescha

Photo shootPortraits

Only available light

With special thanks to Sabrina Lawson, Sarah Bugar and Markus Depolt.

Photo shoot

"Film Noir" in LL

At night in Landsberg. 6 photographers, one model and a black Bentley V8. Film Noir was developed photographically. Martin Dürr had invited us to the workshop and selected some "black" locations for us in Landsberg, a car park and multi-storey car park, hidden corners and gates and, last but not least, Blatterngasse, the name speaks for film noir qualities...

Roll film...

Special thanks to Melinda.

Photo shoot

The magic of dance

The Dance school "Dance Magic" by Elisabeth Resch in Weilheim. The photo shoot in autumn was intended to produce pictures that show the versatility of Elisabeth's art and make you want to dance.

It was an eventful and colourful shoot in and around Weilheim, from which we had so many beautiful pictures that it was difficult to decide which should be shown on the website and which should not.

Here is a small selection...

Special thanks to Dance School Dance Magic.

Photo shoot

Saddlery trade

Photographing a craft has a special appeal for me. It's about portraying crafts and craftspeople in such a way that the quality of the craft and the joy of the work are conveyed.

Special thanks to Lea.

Photo shoot

DENK-BAR in Munich

When I was developing the website for DENK-BAR, a communications agency based in Berlin and Munich, I accompanied photographer Stefan Rosenboom on his shoot with my camera, and the result was a little making-of.

Special thanks to DenkBar, Munich, Berlin.

Photo shoot


Now for something completely different. We travelled to southern Tuscany, to the Maremma. I captured the special atmosphere of Gerhard Lipold's bodypainting seminars there photographically over several days.

The expressive, touching pictures show the tangible bond between the people that grew during the seminar.

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