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Company presentation on websites - checklist


2 min.

Show what you are good at!

Checklist - Quality content for your website

10 questions for your convincing company presentation

  1. What characterises you/your company? Collect a list of characteristics for this.
  2. What services do I offer?
  3. For whom?
  4. How do customers benefit from my service?
  5. What is my offer worth?
  6. How do I want my target group to perceive me? For example: experienced, practical, personal, traditional, dynamic, pragmatic, committed, spiritual, visionary, humorous, clear, exclusive. 
  7. What do I stand for as an entrepreneur? Formulate this in a meaningful sentence.
  8. How do I differentiate myself from other providers with the same or a similar service portfolio?
  9. Which colours and symbols represent my company?
  10. Which keywords (search terms) do interested parties use to search for my company's services on the Internet?
    Use Google Search for your research and make an initial list of 10 to 25 keywords.

Write down your answers to these questions

It is worth investing time in preparing your company presentation. Because your website should answer these questions.

You can also provide me with the result as a briefing. I will support you in the creation of your content: I ask questions, follow up, search for images, recommend colours, fonts and design and, if necessary, revise your content with experienced copywriters.

SEO - Your company presentation as a basis

For successful search engine optimisation, I use your answers from the questionnaire. If you wish, I can support you during the development phase.

Keyword research in particular should be carried out conscientiously, because your new website should be found well and with the right search queries so that your future customers can find out about you and contact you. This is the only way you can subsequently impress with your service and quality and establish long-term customer relationships.

I work with you to develop a website that suits you and presents you and your company convincingly.

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