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Do you want your website to load faster? Let's do it.

You've probably landed on a website that takes what feels like an eternity to load. 

I check your website for "speed bumps" so that your customers don't have to endure the same test of patience when visiting your website and possibly leave the site again. Speed counts for Google when calculating the ranking of your website.

The loading time (page speed) of your website depends on many factors. To name the most important ones:

  • Hosting: high quality and optimised for WordPress or standard?  
  • Caching: server-side, WP-side or not at all?
  • Theme: lean and fast or can-everything-page-builder-multi-tool?
  • Plugins: sensibly selected?
  • Graphics and photos: Use of vector graphics? Use of the .webp or .jpg image format or even directly from the camera?

After the check, we discuss what you can change so that your page load time is less than 1 second.

With Google PageSpeed Insights you can analyse the performance data of your website and get valuable tips for optimisation.

PageSpeed Insights


  • Pagespeed analysis of your website
  • Explanation of the optimisation options
  • Simple optimisations, such as the integration of caching and bitmap optimisation (image reprocessing and image compression)
  • More complex optimisations as required


  • technical
    • WordPress administration access
    • FTP access server
  • Data protection law
    • Conclusion of AV contract
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