Your online shop

Own WebshoP with WordPress + WooCommerce

Your WooCommerce online shop in your corporate design

You have a WordPress website and want to expand it with a web shop in your corporate design.

I offer you the following services:

  • Conception and design of your legally compliant WooCommerce shop
  • Setting up web hosting and CMS WordPress
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Multilingualism
  • PayPal, Stripe, SEPA direct debit, advance bank transfer

References webshops

Webshop for coaching services and products

Website Lifecoach desktop view -
Desktop view
  • WooCommerce online shop with appointment booking
  • Integrated invoicing
  • Currencies: EUR, CHF and USD
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, TWINT
  • SEO on-page and load time optimisation
  • Multilingualism DE, FR, EN
  • Legal compliance, data protection EU / DE
  • Update administration
Website Lifecoach appointment booking -
Appointment booking
Website Lifecoach mobile view -
Mobile view

Booking an appointment for management consulting

Website Management Consultancy Coaching Buchen -
Appointment booking
  • Online shop with appointment booking
  • SEO on-page and load time optimisation
  • Scalable vector graphics
  • Multilingualism DE, EN
  • Legal compliance, data protection EU / DE
  • Update administration
Website Management Consultancy Appointment Booking 1 -
Appointment booking button
Website Management Consultancy Appointment Booking -
Appointment booking

Webshop for the dance school Tanz-Magie

Website Dance Magic Desktop View -
Desktop view
  • WooCommerce online shop with course booking
  • Integrated invoicing
  • Legal compliance, data protection EU / DE
  • Portrait photography on location
  • Update administration

Presentation of the dance school Tanz-Magie and online shop with course bookings for dance classes. Event blog for events and integration of video courses during the pandemic. In addition to outdoor portrait photography as the visual basis of the site, a WooCommerce shop was set up for course bookings with detailed category selection of the various course types. Booking and payment in the shop, automatic invoicing using the GermanMarket plugin. Following training, the dance school is able to operate the shop and maintain the range of courses on offer.

Website Dance Magic Shop -
Shop with course booking
Website Dance Magic Mobile View -
Mobile view

Webshop for a coffee roasting company

Website coffee roastery desktop view -
Shop with coffee selection
  • WooCommerce online shop
  • Integrated invoicing
  • Scalable vector graphics
  • Legal compliance, data protection EU / DE
  • Update administration

The relaunch of the Andechser Kaffeerösterei website not only brings an upgrade to the latest WordPress and shop technologies, but also makes the shop more recognisable and increases user-friendliness when buying coffee via the online shop. The website takes into account the design elements of the shop: the background is designed in the design of the ubiquitous kraft paper; the headlines convey the stamp design of the roastery packaging; the colours used pick up on the coffee and logo colours.

Website coffee roastery desktop view -
Desktop view
Website coffee roastery mobile view -
Mobile view

Sell online

Winning new customers and markets

Today, information, products and services are predominantly searched for and requested online. At least the market overview and initial contact take place on the Internet.

With your own online shop, you are independent of opening hours or social distancing requirements. You can offer and sell your products and services regionally and nationally.

Click & Collect is just as possible with the online shop as shipping, downloads or services. Invest in the future of your company and launch your online business in addition to your shop or as a primary sales platform.

With your own online shop, you can react more flexibly to market developments. You can process your orders directly via your website, create and send invoices automatically and use a wide range of payment methods.

Serve your customers 24/7. A well-functioning online shop is a tool for reaching your customers 24/7 and winning new ones.

Services in detail

Design and programming of your online shop + support during operation

Optional services:

  • Concept - Design - Layout. Your website and your seamlessly integrated web shop are presented in your corporate design.
  • Setup of webspace hosting at Raidboxes, Münster, with fast and scalable servers for maximum performance (Nginx with server cache), own IP address, automated backups, protection against attacks and first-class support, recommended tariff for server performance: from PRO.
  • WordPress: Using the premium theme GeneratePress
  • WooCommerce: Configuration of the shop and proven plugins for all necessary functions.
  • Multilingualism: TranslatePress plugin with DeepL connection
  • Privacy policy using eRecht24 data protection generator for agency partners.
  • Setting up user control for data protection preferences using the Borlabs Cookie consent tool, possibly with Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager control.
  • Encryption of e-mail addresses on the entire site
  • Special features for online shops in Germany and the EU: Installation of the GermanMarket plugin with automatic invoice creation, delivery and return notes, cancellations, LMIV, interfaces to LexOffice and sevDesk and the merchandise management systems billbee and JTL.
  • Set up the payment methods: Bank transfer, PayPal, Stripe, SEPA direct debit, purchase on account.
  • Creating the first products in the shop.
  • Licence fees for Pro plug-ins: exclusive.
  • Further development optional.
  • Administration and support during operation.
  • We will define the exact scope of services for you together in a customised offer.


  • Client:
    • Terms and conditions and cancellation policy prepared by a lawyer for publication in the shop
    • Accounts with the desired payment processing providers (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
    • Content, such as product images, videos, texts
  • technical
    • Administration access to the domain hoster
  • Data protection law
    • Conclusion of AV contract
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