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Modern websites - criteria for technology, design, SEO


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Digitalisation in the company

Criteria for the modernity of a company website

The following criteria are decisive for a modern company website.

First impression

  • Does your website look modern in terms of design and operation?
  • Does it look off the peg or does it stand out?
  • Does your website adequately convey your corporate culture?
  • Do you offer services or products with unique selling points?
  • Skilled workers are wanted! - Are you attracting young talent with your company website?

Modernity and safety

  • Top web design? You can tell how old a website is: Text, graphics, images and layout must be up-to-date and modern.
  • Use the latest software versions for hosting and your website. 
  • Regular updates ensure functionality and protection against attacks.
  • Legal framework conditions are changing: privacy policy, cookie notice, integration of podcasts, videos, social media.
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SEO - Search engine optimisation

  • Industry-specific search terms are constantly changing.
  • Your product range and scope of services continue to develop.
  • Your strategic positioning in the market is changing.
  • The competition is also developing its digital presence, your search engine ranking is always relative to your competitors

Mobile Internet

  • More than half of all visits are already made via mobile devices - a mobile-optimised website is a must!
  • New models and new versions of operating systems and browsers are constantly being released.
  • The loading time of websites has a direct impact on their ranking on Google.

User friendliness

  • 1-click policy: The demands of Internet users are changing. They want to obtain information at a glance and finalise their enquiry or purchase in a short space of time. 
  • It is therefore recommended that you regularly check and optimise the information and ordering processes on your website and in your shop.
  • I will advise you on this and implement the results.

Technology of this website

  • Webspace Hosting: Raidboxes
  • Server caching: NGINX server
  • PHP: 8.2.19
  • WordPress: 6.5.3
  • Font: Gill Sans Nova
  • Homepage: > 5000 characters, various vector graphics & photos, loading time < 1 second
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