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Content management systems - development of market shares


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CMS use worldwide

CMS - Development of market shares

More than 43% of all websites worldwide utilise WordPress as a content management system (CMS). It is by far the fastest growing and developing CMS on the market.

Use of content management systems (CMS) on websites worldwide as at 16/05/2023

Figures in per cent [%]

CMSUsage over allMarket Share CMS
Source: "Historical yearly trends in the usage statistics of content management systems"

Within the CMS market, WordPress has a global market share of 63.3 % (source:, 16/05/2023).

The growing use of WordPress as a CMS is not without reason. WordPress offers many advantages when designing and administering a website. It has the most modern user interface that a CMS currently offers its users and continues to develop very dynamically. A good example is the new WordPress Editor.

Strong passwords are mandatory


Regardless of the content management system used: Strong passwords for all server and backend access are crucial for the security of your website. Pay attention to this. In addition, your hosting should be easy to use and have support available at all times, as well as protection against brute force attacks and automated backups that can be restored at the click of a button if the worst comes to the worst. Then your website is secure.

Although WordPress is often the target of attacks due to its high market share, if you have done your homework on the points mentioned above, there is no need to fear them. For example, the White House website also uses WordPress as its CMS and there are certainly an above-average number of hacker attacks that this site successfully fends off.

My own website has had a five-digit number of unauthorised and blocked login attempts in the last 12 months - no one gets through. Incidentally, the webspace hosting of my site is handled excellently and has been for many years by the pure WordPress hoster Raidboxes (*) in Münster.

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